The KOTOTAMA ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL is a non profit association with a French statute.

Directed towards the development of cultural activities, in particular artistic and literary, it devotes itself to the dialogue between different cultures, aware that art is a spiritual way of communication between men in order that they know each other better, accept and respect themselves.

Its name means the soul of the words, the word being at the bottom of the communication , but, owing to the languages differences, gestures and sounds may support the word, facilitate human relations and even go beyond up to nature and universe.

In that conception, the association has organised concerts in France, Japan and elsewhere and has new projects in that area: cultural, poetic and musical salons, turned towards particularly the links between France and Japan which, as it should be reminded, have celebrated in 2008 150 years of diplomatic, economic and cultural relations. The association hopes to stimulate in this way the soul of these relations.